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Documentary "Do You Have 5 Minutes?"


I’ve always wondered about the social impact to human emotion. Do we care more when the media has its twist on the event? Do we care more when it is a recent event? Do we care more because it’s the politically correct thing to do? During my visit to NYC in 2004, I visited the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero. The visit inspired the “Do You Have 5min?” film. While 9/11 was a relatively recent event, some visitors seemed less emotional and moved when they looked at the exhibit. Is it because the media has bombarded us? Is the news clip of the man jumping off 100th floor more tolerable after seeing it 100 times? What do we leave behind after we die? Do I really care about those poor souls who are nameless to me? Did I shed the tears because the media told me so?

The film was honored with the AIGA Cause/Effects Judge's Choice Award.

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