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Fox Sports Channel Think Soccer Campaign

Project Scope

In 2010, while the rest of the world was going crazy for soccer and its world cup, soccer was not caught on in America. Fox Soccer Channel approached us to create a promotional campaign for the initial introduction. The “GOALLLLL” is to provide visually striking and catchy slogan to create the awareness of the sport.

Role: Creative, Illustration, Design
Media: Direct Mail


The story I was trying to convey is “Bring the Sports into the Customer’s Home”. Develop multiple concepts that can be easily mail to the Fox Sports Channel’s subscribers such as a pamphlet held together by a soccer game ticket. Postcard containing stickers and made-your-own soccer game cut-out.



Picture 7

Final Outcome

Inspired by the “Drink Milk” campaign, the client and us decided on the catchy and straight to the point slogan - "Think Soccer." Using the exhilarating soccer game scene and illustration details to create the exciting motion, this campaign was printed and mailed to thousands of potential soccer fans.


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