Verizon Data Congestion Solution

Verizon TimeShift is a bookmarking service designed to help decrease mobile network congestion. When the user experiences network congestion, they have the option to save the content in TimeShift. Later during the low peak time, the user can enjoy the saved content with rewards that reduces the charged data usage by 50-100%.



To come up with the proper solution, we must first identify what consumers perceive to be the cause of data congestion. Problem #1: Most users think that the data provider is the cause of their slow phones. However, there are many factors that cause mobile congestion that include: slow network from the phone carriers and app providers, bad signal, high density population, unexpected events that result in a spike in usage, and outdated hardware and software. Problem #2: People like watching video on their phone. It’s no secret that a lot of apps are going for video heavy content, and that an increasing number of users have migrated from the PC/TV to mobile devices to view content which results in high demands and further network congestion. Problem #3: Users have no patience waiting for content to load. More than 1/3 of users drop off after 5 seconds of loading time and 1/2 drop off after 10 seconds.



We can’t spend billions to construct more cell towers to add speed to the network, and we can’t upgrade everyone’s phone. So our solution is to decrease user frustration while changing data use habits.

The first proposed solution gives the user the power to schedule the time they want to revisit the content, and in return users are rewarded based on their choice. When network congestion occurs, the service prompts a timeline so that the user can select a low peak hour. The user holds on to a choice of reward (100% or 50% off data usage), and the designated timeline appears allowing the user to select a time slot by dragging the time block onto the empty space. Right away the user sees the data reward for instant gratification. When the scheduled time comes, the service notifies the user while pre-loading the content in the background for a better viewing experience.

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The second solution is an app that the user can use like any regular bookmarking app, but it also prompts a saving notification when lagging occurs. When the user opens the app it indicates the time period of data that is free of charge or how much time remains until the next free period.






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