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I first joined the UX team during its Strategy Phase. I helped conducted the stakeholder interviews and user interviews. Performed the UX research such as user journey, user persona, and competitive analysis. These findings helped me come up with over 15 concepts on how to enhance Hertz’s current service. I was later part of the Delivery team. I worked with the BA team to map out the Pre-Rental flows,and wireframed the best user experience...MORE ON THIS PROJECT

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My role in this project included UX research, competitive analysis and synthesis, USPS site shadowing and client presentation for the USPS MYPO project. MYPO is the managing and communication tool utilized by the local post office Supervisors and district Post Masters...MORE ON THIS PROJECT

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Think Energy project kicked off with the whole-day client workshop. We worked with 16 high level stakeholders to find out Think Energy’s current position and set up the common goals. Next, we delivered 2 rapid sprints on the Smart Thermostat Integration app and Door-to-Door Sales Enhancement app. Within 2 weeks on each project, we delivered user interviews, a prototype, user testings, and synthesis of our findings...MORE ON THIS PROJECT

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The tech trend in early 2016 is AR, VR, and MR. While most businesses put their efforts in the film and game industries, my team wants to do something different. OUTTA is an iOS AR social app that lets users drop in, build, and interact publicly and privately in virtual spaces...MORE ON THIS PROJECT



Watchat stands for watching and chatting. It is a social watching platform among close friends for short form video content...MORE ON THIS PROJECT



The ShowStream app helps users browse over shows and movies and find the best video platform to enjoy the show...MORE ON THIS PROJECT



Mobile phone user’s data gets congested from time to time. When delays happens, what can Verizon do to reduce the frustration and provide a beneficial experience for our customers? MORE ON THIS PROJECT



Verizon Universal ID is a login service for mobile phone users and especially for Verizon wireless customers. It has the least amount of sign up steps, and it provides personalization to both the app and web experience in addition to easy management system for authorized services...MORE ON THIS PROJECT

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