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Hertz is an world renowned car rental and car sales company. They approached us to reimagine a new web and app experience that is more simple and streamline.
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Engie’s international “Think Energy” redesign effort kicked off in 2017, and our Austin branch focused on the Ecobee thermostat consumer app and the door-to-door sales enhancement app. After the project kickoff and stakeholder workshop, the design team delivered prototypes, proposed product plans, synthesis on user testings and findings within the 3-week sprint for each project.
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OUTTA is the first social media app in the world that let users drop in, build, interact, and share in the argumented reality space simply using their own smart phone without any learning curve.
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WatChat App

Watchat stands for “Watch” and “Chat”. The app hosts social watching events among friends and family while providing the highly interactive tools to enrich user’s interactions such as chatting, clip editing and sharing, and genuine reaction capture.
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