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Project Scope

Engie has been offering the deregulated energy to their European customers for decades. Now they brought their expertise to the US, and formed a new group called “Think Energy” in Houston, TX. Collaborated with the “Think Energy” HQ, we set our goal to create the best service apps for their sales team and customers that set them apart from their competitors.

Role: UX Researcher & Designer

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Stakeholder Interviews & Workshops

Before conducting the stakeholder workshop, the UX team interview the key stakeholders, perform site shadowing, and audit the current Engie experiences. Using the new found knowledge, we build customized tools for the workshop, such as a 10-ft “The Bigger Picture” poster deliberating the current industry trends. A keynote presentation combined with exercises that help us understand Engine’s challenges among 16 stakeholders. After the workshop, we provid 15 key insight takeaways and plan of tackle.

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Define KPI, Main Stories, User Personas & Hero Flows


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Rapid Prototyping & User Testings

Based on the hero flows written to satisfied all stakeholders’ requirements, we created two user testing prototypes. Each prototype contains 4-6 tasks for users to complete and rate.

#1 Smart Thermostate Integration App Prototype

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#2 Door-to-Door Sales Enablement App Prototype

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Final Outcomes

Our client rated us a 95% satisfaction rate. It is the highest score among the new Engie products.

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