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AR Social App: Outta


Project Scope

inspired by the ARVR trend, the Verizon Innovation Lab wants to create an accessible and affordable ARVR product that can be enjoyed by the general everyday users. The first of the 9 ARVR products is OUTTA, an iOS social media AR app allows users to create, discover, and share their own customized AR spaces. OUTTA was launched in 2016 with over 10K OUTTA spaced created worldwide.

Role: Product UX & UI Designer
Media: Unity 3D iOS app, Sketch & Principle


Ideations & Prototype Validations

Collaborate with the PM, Dev, and designers, we brainstormed many ideas within the ARVR space. Narrowed down to 9 concepts including the AR unlocks and overlays by the facial detection, decorates the room with AR, and MR mobile game. Based on the time and feasibility, we decided to move on with the AR Social App, OUTTA. Since it’s a no-man territory and cannot be tested through the regular prototype tools, i created a paper prototypes using transparent paper to mimic the AR space for user validations. Once the idea is tested and approved, I proceed with the interactive prototype for further testings and stakeholders’ validations.

File May 09, 9 43 04 AM File May 09, 9 43 23 AM

Branding & Moodboards

For branding and design alignment, I explored 3 directions best convey the AR social media story. “Scavenger Hunt” is inspired by treasure hunting and the boycott’s badge system. This theme is neutral, simple, and directional. The second theme , “Friendship”, focuses on the sharing aspect, creating an intimate (AR) space with your friends. This theme is textured and has a handmade feel. The third theme is called “Sticker Fun”, focuses on the creation aspect, it is fun, bold, and a bit cartoony. The team decides to go with the “Sticker Fun” theme.



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