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Sumo Shortcuts


Project Scope

Sumo’s popup creator aims to capture web visitor’s email address and convert visitors into life time customers. The popup creator is outdated, complex, and consists with 2-7% of success rate. The product team attempts to find the next marketing-strategy-in-a-box product specifically designed for the ecommerece stores.

Role: Product UX Designer & Creative Director


Company Wide Collaboration & Workshop

Design team conducts the very first company wide design thinking workshop. The goal is to collaboratively come up with the future Sumo products with all teams aligned and excited. We started the workshop with highlighting the importance of design thinking to all the non-UX folks. Then we help them understand Sumo’s current position, create personas they are most familiar with, and then come up with the most needed business tools by their personas. In the end, we consolidated 4 winning ideas and many honorable mentions.




Full Funnel Discovery

Design team deep dived into Sumo’s current position audit, marketing research and competitive analysis. This helps us to deliberate all teams’ tasks to complete in order to create the best effective marketing strategy in-a-box product.





Full Funnel Goals

Finally we concluded two directions and one single goal in mind. All products must be backed by the best marketing strategies. Provide the easiest to use tool for our ecommerce users that highlights on the results, not their progress.




Ideation, UX, UI & What’s Next

With the new company direction in mind, design team goes to work. Using Invision Freehand, we come up with various paths and flows in an agile and quick manner. Present them to the product team and discuss the tech feasibility and product alignment. With many revisions, testings, and simplifications, Sumo Shortcuts was created and launched in early 2018. The success rate jumped from the previous 2-7% to 50-75%. Sumo Shortcuts bundles the best marketing strategies and contents into one tool, and in less than 5 steps, user can easily publish the chosen strategy to their site.


UX Annotations



Final UI Assets (Zeplin)


Shortcuts V2 UI


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