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Project Scope

MyPO is an all-in-one system utilized by office supervisors across branches and shifts, consolidates 22 Carrier and Retail tasks, and delivers messages from regular and enterprise customers. However, with various endpoints and outdated (90s PC) devices, the system failed to provide all endpoint their day-to-day updates and tasks. USPS reached out to us to create a more streamline experience that not only can make their daily tasks easier but also help them stand out from their competitors.

Role: UX Researcher & Designer

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Research, Customers & Stakeholder Interviews

The rise in parcel volumes, dense urban environments, and increased customer mobility has driven a significant shift in customer expectations in the delivery industry. USPS operates over 5,000 post offices, delivers 154 billion mails and 4.5 billion packages every year, the teams need better supports, hardware, and software to improve their performances.

USPS’s advantage is they occupies a singular position in the market, where many competitors are also key partners. USPS is the only delivery service provides consistent routing, while other delivery services provide dynamic or on-demand delivery services. USPS is also the largest partner with many "would-be" competitors such as Fedex and UPS.

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(Really Early) Site Shadowing & User Jorney

Collectively the team visited 7 USPS locations, including delivery, processing, and retail. I participated in 3 of the shadowings. In general, post office clerks start their day at 2 AM, dispatch at 9AM, and clock in the day of work when all the mails and parcels are processed. By observing the clerk's whole day's work, we got a glimpse of the real hectic and wide scope of works supervisors and their clerks go through daily, and how the clerks and carriers "hack" their way to meet today's consumer's demands.

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Competitive Analysis






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