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Watch Party App: Watchat


Project Scope

In 2015, Verizon emerged into the multimedia business and bought Yahoo and AOL. Verizon Innovation Team was tasked to create a new, exciting, and highly interactive short form video consumption app. After series of user interviews, validations, and testings, we understood there was a lack of good tools to easily share a desired video clip among close friends. We proposed 3 different solutions and one fully developed app.

Role: Product UX & UI Designer

User Research & Brainstorming

Through the study, we understand the current watching behavior typically consists with one TV and one to two smart devices. Inspired by the needs and trends, the R&D team created three potential tools for the user validations:

#1 People want to easily clip the desired short clip and share them on social media or among friends and family.


#2 People react to videos, and they want to share their genuine reaction on the social media or among friends and family.


#3 People want to chat about the video they care about with their friends and family.


We partnered with Blink, an user research expert agency based in Seattle, conducted user testings in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and Dallas. The findings helped us prioritize the project scope and releases.



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Persistent chatting

Suggested clipping and prompt to share

Auto pause/play in multi screens

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