Sumo's "Shortcuts" app is the easiest marketing-in-a-box web app for the e-commerce store owners. After the release of the "Shortcuts" app, user success rate boosted from 2-7% to 55-75%.

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Sumo "Shortcuts" webapp

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Revised UI design for the popup editor page for the "Reduce Cart Abandonment" strategy

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The first release of the popup editor page for the "Reduce Cart Abandonment" strategy

"Reduce Cart Abandonment" strategy click-through

"Grow Email List" strategy click-through

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Low-fidelity UX wireframe and annotations delivery for the UI designers and developers

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Keynote presentation highlights the 3 Sumo "Shortcuts" pillars

"Be more pushy, tell me what I don't know...As long as you are taking stuff off of my plate, that's all I care about. Don't make me do more work."
- e-commerce store owner

Sumo rebrand, UX guideline & UI components

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UX guideline for the color definition
Unify and define the color usage. Chart explains how the color rules
apply to various components and information display

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UX guideline for the notification popups
Definition on the severity of the interruption of the user flow, mandatory and optional contents for each popup, and rules on when and how to use them.

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High-fidelity design for the in-line notification featuring the (from top) acknowledgment,
warning, information display, and upcoming warning states.

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High-fidelity design for the popup dialogue notification
featuring the information display states.

Sumo rebrand, website and dashboard design

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This website design was based on our "Building Block" concept.
Our economy cannot exist without each entity's effort and hard work.

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"Sumo Success" components from the "Dashboard"
Each block provides the tailored e-commerce store performance
data and recommended "Shortcuts" to boost their sales.


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